About Us

Being clouds, Zoho certified organization enables organizations in digital transformation. In this fast-paced world, every organization is in need to upgrade the operations and delivery management practices to meet the current industry trends.

Being Clouds operates from Thiruvannamalai and offers Zoho Business Intelligence Product support, services to its customers across World. It’s very much essential for every company to enhance the operations and make it efficient to attract the customers and investors. Zoho software consulting firm is run by a team of software professionals who follows every possible systematic approach, protocols to increase the productivity in every project.

5 years old Zoho Certified developer offers the popular, bestselling, result oriented, highly organized business intelligence software for various sectors like management of database, customer service, inventory management, account management, inventory management, Analytics Management, HR Management tools and billing software developed -managed under the highly esteemed Zoho platform.

Our Business Intelligence Software shapes the organization and leverages the operations by providing the modern yet best suited online applications that can growth hack the company revenue every quarter.

Being Clouds, Zoho Consultant studies your business and provides the business report along with the software strategy to move your business to the cloud. With highly skilled software artisans and the marketing team, we can come up with the best suited automation software for your business which reduces the manpower and executes the best results along with increased ROI.

With a premium clientele in multifarious businesses like Education, Financial, Manufacturing, Banking, Information Technology, Food & Beverages, etc., we offer Zoho consultation, Integration and Implementation. We deliver process oriented, continuous and remote support for every project we handle.

The data and the solutions offered to our clients are organized, documented and managed by our client coordinators for the smooth business relationship between the corporate client and the management.

Our Process


Online or offline meetings are planned to collect the requirements for the project. It includes functional, system, technical details of the business. Current prototype, process and the status of the business are discussed during the meeting. The online meetings are organized as per convenience of the client.


Planning includes the vision of the product and its roadmap; we estimate the timeline for the sprint plan.


Design provides visualization for the application. We design the product to match the characteristic and the guideline of the brand.


We develop an application with our systematic process which involves various stages of development from specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing.


The released application solves from critical issues the customers or the management is facing in business application. Release management involves the launching of the new great products on the estimated time.

Track and Monitor

The developers manage the application and fix the new bugs to provide uninterrupted remote support to the management and the users.


Our Partners